Eric Vaughan, Interactive developer

Can you escape the room?

Strange Magic Escape

My most recent creation, an escape-the-room puzzle game.

Custom Production Tools and Automation


Short video about a tool I developed for creating video captions

Fish game collision circles

Video about another tool for implementing a special collision detection scheme


Video about how I customized Flash to get polygon vertices quickly

Process: Storyboard to Flash

Another behind-the-scenes story in which a rough draft is allowed to be its beautiful self

Games and experiments


A vertical shooting game

3D Shooting Game

Use your radar and guns to defeat increasingly difficult waves of invaders.


Mouse over moving lights to gradually reveal a message.

Drip Chime

Customize the tuning using the piano keyboard located below the strings (mouse over). Use the button to the left of the keyboard to clear all.

Radial Symmetry

Manipulate settings and generate pleasing symmetrical designs.


Click in two places to generate a lightning effect between the two clicks.


Click to launch shells. Horizontal location determined by click.



Modeled and animated through MEL, Maya's embedded scripting language.


Created using Maya, After Effects, and Photoshop batch processing with JavaScript. The background is a still photo.

Fiend test

More interesting motion than the final composite, sad to say.

Lions in the Sky

This was my first-ever Flash home page, featuring some pretty subtle animation.